Knight Rider lay off three cast members


Knight Rider was given a full-season order from NBC a few weeks ago and promptly saw its ratings drag immediately after. With that kind of vote of confidence from the network and little to show in return, it appears that the show's producers have decided to kick it up a notch and trim some fat.

The contract options of actors Sydney Tamiia Poitier (who plays Carrie Rivai), Bruce Davison (Charles Graiman), and Yancey Arias (Alex Torres) were not picked up along with the series, meaning they're out. The idea is to bring Knight Rider back to its roots, which is the tale of a young man and his crime-fighting car.

"It's a reboot, We're moving away from the terrorist-of-the-week formula and closer to the original, making it a show about a man and his car going out and helping more regular people, everymen."

The call to axe the characters had nothing to do with the actors, but rather the new angle Knight Rider is taking. Well, that and cost-cutting.

What say you, Knight Rider fans? Are you going to miss them?

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