Beyonce Knowles don't know cook

Beyonce Knowles can't cook.

Although she is a huge food lover, the 'If I Were A Boy' star has never managed to master her kitchen.

She said: "You'd think as much as I love to eat that I'd be able to cook, but no. I'm the best at ordering room service though!"

Beyonce - who is married to hip hop star Jay-Z - also accepts her healthy appetite will always mean she has a curvy figure.

Rather than try and slim all the time, the singer-and-actress is happy with her voluptuous body.

Beyonce - who had to gain 15lbs for her role as blues singer Etta James in upcoming film 'Cadillac Records' - added: "I like that I'm curvy but sometimes I get too curvy in the wrong places. I have days where I'm like, 'Oh God, please let me go back to sleep', but I just have to accept I'm never going to be skinny because I love food."