Oscar desperation of Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet is desperate to win an Oscar.

The 'Titanic' star - who has been nominated for the accolade five times - is determined to ensure she eventually wins one of the prestigious awards.

Kate, 33, said: "Do I want it? You bet your f***ing a** I do! I think that people assume that I don't care or don't want it or don't need it or something. It's hard to be there five times, and I'm only human, you know? But I don't go home and cry, because we're all grown-ups here."

The actress received her fifth Oscar nomination at the age of 31, making her the youngest actress ever to have been up for the award so many times.

Kate admits she was delighted when she heard she had broken the record, particularly as she has not received any classical acting training.

She added to Vanity Fair magazine: "I remember when somebody told me about the record, I did allow myself a serious fist-punching-in-the-air moment, by myself in the apartment, you know, just leaping around and screaming and going, 'F**k yeah!' This wasn't supposed to happen to somebody like me. I'm not the pedigree kid. I'm not classically trained."