The proud mother of Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig's mother didn't want him to be an actor.

The 40-year-old star - who reprises his role as British spy James Bond for a second time in new movie 'Quantum of Solace' - was advised by Carol not to give up studying for his A-levels in order to go to drama school when he was 16 because she was afraid he would not be successful.

Carol revealed: "It must have been hard for him. He knew I had my heart set on university for him. I knew he was clever enough to go, so giving up his A-Levels wasn't an easy decision. I didn't want this to be a kind of whim. I knew he had potential. I didn't want to see it wasted."

Despite her initial reservations, Carol is incredibly proud of her son - who ignored his mother's advice to accept a place at the National Youth Theatre - and believes his big screen success is testament to his unwavering self-belief.

She added: "I knew in me heart he would make it, but as a mother you worry."