One of the FBI's 10 most wanted fugitives captured in Mexico

One of the FBI's 10 most wanted fugitives has been captured in the Mexican state of Michoacan, Mexican authorities said Friday...

Jon Savarino Schillaci, a US citizen, is a suspect in cases of pedophilia and child pornography.

Schillaci was arrested Thursday morning in San Jose de Gracia, some 550 kilometres northwest of Mexico City, Mexican media quoted Julio Ibarrola Suarez, a delegate of the National Migration Institute in Michoacan, as saying.

The FBI confirmed the arrest on its website, by adding the word 'captured' under the photograph of Schillaci, 36.

According to the FBI, the man is a convicted sex offender and is wanted 'for the alleged sexual assault of a young boy in Deerfield, New Hampshire, in October of 1999.' He had corresponded with the victim's family while serving time in prison in Texas for prior sexual assault charges.

'After his release from prison, the family provided Schillaci a home from which to start his new life, during which time the alleged molestation occurred,' the FBI adds.

The suspect faces 23 counts, including unlawful flight to avoid prosecution, aggravated felonious sexual assault, felonious sexual assault and possession of child pornography.

He is described as 'well educated' and has apparently completed two Masters degrees in humanities and literature, besides speaking Spanish, French and German as well as English.